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Our services
Individual time-lapse films in uncompromising quality.

Benefit from over 25 years of experience in producing emotional business movies.

Time lapse concepts

Every project and every construction site is unique. Our planning incorporates all important parameters such as locations, camera orientation, weather conditions, power supply and mobile phone connection. So you get maximum project control, creativity and emotion for your budget, transparently and without any hidden additional costs.

Cinema quality
6K recordings

The raw time-lapse in 6K generated from thousands of high-resolution images is then stabilized and color-corrected. By selecting scenes, accelerating, zooming, panning and using appropriate music, our editors create an emotional time lapse film in Cinema quality.

Monitoring individually/customized

In addition to the spectacular time-lapse movies at the end of a project, you will receive an excellent monitoring tool for your project throughout its lifetime. With LT-SITEVIEW you get daily, password-protected access to the entire catalog of all cameras, customized with your logo. So you always have your construction site in view, no matter where you are.


In the post-processing, the high-resolution images become a time-lapse movie in Cinema quality.

Time-lapse system LT17. - Aluminum housing, dustproof and waterproof to IP65. Special optical glass and sliding sun hood.

Our web interface LT-SITEVIEW, with various navigation and control options as well as customer logo.

Data security
our own erver

All photos are stored redundantly in the system on site and once more redundantly on our servers. The data transfer is handled via mobile or satellite, tunneled via VPN and password protected, secure against unauthorized access.

Web interface
for your marketing

On request, we provide a public webcam, whose image quality and additional information you specify according to your needs. So you have an excellent marketing tool with which you keep all project partners and the public up to date.

system use

Our time-lapse systems are available worldwide, no matter where your project will be realized. We monitor the systems from our office via mobile or satellite. An optional solar power supply makes our systems self-sufficient.

Compliant with DSGVO
automatic detection & masking

Data protection
according to DSGVO

Since our time-lapse systems are used for documentation or marketing purposes, a DSGVO-compliant design of the images is a matter of course.
Due to the high resolution of the obtained single images, persons or vehicles can be identified under certain circumstances.
In order to comply with the data protection regulations of the DSGVO, an automated masking process runs in our systems.

Public space

Immediately after the image is taken, persons or vehicles on the image are recognised by means of a complex algorithm and made unrecognisable by means of pixelation/soft drawing.
A later viewing of the images via our web interface LT-SITEVIEW or via an embedded web cam does not allow any conclusions about data protection relevant features of Persons and vehicles on the construction site.
Neighbouring public spaces may also not be recognisably recorded and depicted. These areas are also made unrecognisable by means of static masks, also by pixelation/soft drawing.

Employees/works council

In the event of an incident on the construction site, published images represent a risk. We recommend to publish the images with a time delay to allow enough time to stop the publication.
With these measures, the works council and employees can also be persuaded to use our systems for recording.

Pixelation of persons and vehicles

Pixelation of static objects


Our technology
Our self-developed time-lapse systems guarantee high-end quality and customer-specific monitoring with maximum reliability.

up to 50 megapixels

With a resolution of up to 50 megapixels and our self-developed control software, our cameras always illuminate optimally even in low light conditions and at night. Where normal webcams only produce noise, our cameras deliver crisp and detailed images. Our new TL-15 time tracking system is the result of years of experience with long-term time-lapse movies and carefully selected high-tech components. The result is breathtaking films of brilliant quality. Unlike our competitors, our systems expose at least one high-resolution picture per minute. Only this recording interval guarantees a harmonious process with soft light transitions.

Data management
industrial routers/VPN

Our camera systems are controlled from the office with a redundant mobile connection. This allows us to react quickly to any change on site and adjust the camera control. The image data is also recorded redundantly, on-site in the system and on our servers. All traffic is through tunneled VPN connections. Thus, all data is completely secure and protected from outside access. All image data and preview films are available cataloged via the customer access, of course also as a download. Automatically generated preview timelapse we provide, of course, at no extra cost.

housings / IP65

Depending on the location and requirements, we use 2 models. The TL15 - extremely robust stainless steel housing, with heating and a variety of mounting options. Or our newest model, the TL17 - lightweight and sturdy aluminum housing with optional cooling for extreme heat. Both systems are dustproof and waterproof to IP65 and can be used anywhere thanks to adjustable heating and cooling. A dual-sim industrial router, secures a stable data connection, via VPN. With an internal memory of up to 8 TB, our systems can record autonomously for nearly two years - worldwide. All data is mirrored redundantly on our servers so nothing can be lost.

Mounting Options

Time-lapse system LT15 mounted on a T-beam 40 meters above ground.

Time-lapse system LT15 indoors in a tunnel tube.

Time-lapse system LT17 with optional cooling, mounted on our truss pylon

Time-lapse system LT15 mounted on our truss pylon up to 15 meters.

Time-lapse system LT15 on a standard mount.

Time-lapse system LT15 on a mount for complex structural conditions

Additional services
4K Aerial Shots

Show your project from an extraordinary perspective. With high-resolution drone shots in 4K quality, we create an overview and show connections, as they can only capture from the air. Drone shots are the perfect complement to our timelapse films and construction documentation. High-resolution photos enrich your marketing materials. We fly only with certified pilots and take care of the appropriate ascent approval. Our own drone fleet enables variable scheduling on favorable terms.

3D visualization

Our specialists breathe life into your CAD data. 3-D animations are the perfect complement to our real shots. They provide fascinating insights into worlds that are inaccessible to the camera and make hidden things tangible for your audience.

construction documentation

Tailored business films have been our core business for more than 25 years. This experience is also reflected in the quality of our construction documentation. Each film production is an individual product and presents different challenges. We do not compromise on implementation and have the right specialist in our network for each task. Creation, editing, production and finishing - with us you get everything from a single source - without frictions and on fair terms


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